AIA Design Theory

The Power of Place


Edited by Rebecca Falzano | Photography by Sarah Beard Buckley

Architect Gabrielle Russell's vision for her hometown is rooted in a deep sense of place and a desire to be daring with design. 

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Designing the Heart of a Home

PROFILE - February 2015
By Katy Kelleher | Photography by Nicole Wolf

From Moscow to Maine, Elaine Murdoch designs kitchens that perform and bathrooms with style

For nearly three decades, Elaine Murdoch has been applying the knowledge she gained in art school and working various hands-on jobs to designing highly functional kitchens, bathrooms, and more. 

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Architecture for Everyone

AIA DESIGN THEORY - February 2015
Edited by Rebecca Falzano | Photography by Sarah Beard Buckley

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Since 1978, the nonprofit group Alpha One has been redefining disability in Maine. Architect Jill Johanning believes the best design is the kind that can be used by all. 

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Artful Landscapes

January 2015
Edited by Rebecca Falzano l Photography by Sarah Beard Buckley

Landscape architect Tony Cowles on capturing the essence of a site

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Shades and Shadows

AIA DESIGN THEORY - December 2014
By Rebeccca Falzano l Photography by Nicole Wolf

Dave Matero on leveraging light to define spaces that are both pleasant and functional


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Feel-Good Design

AIA Design Theory- October 2014 
By Rebecca Falzano | Photography by Nicole Wolf

Architect Andrew Hyland on design that feels as good as it looks and functions 

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Creative Collaboration

AIA DESIGN THEORY - September 2014
Edited by Rebecca Falzano | Photography Nicole Wolf

Brian Stephens on the process of creation and building community

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