Southport Secrets

FEATURE - July 2014
By Sophie Nelson | Photography Nicole Wolf

The modest charms of an island off of Boothbay Harbor

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Room to Grow

FEATURE - July 2014
By Sarah Stebbins | Photography Trent Bell

A home for a family, and future generations, takes root on the southern coast

At sunset, rose and lavender rays bathe the home - and the diners on the screened-in porch - in a flattering glow. Landscape architect Todd Richardson of Saco conceived the curved beds that brim with rugosa rose, Abbotswood potentilla, Annabelle hydrangeas, and daylilies, and Chad Francis of Atlantic Landscape Construction in Ellsworth brought them to life.

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American Vernacular, American Contemporary

FEATURE - July 2014
By Debra Spark | Photography Francois Gagne

Maine cottages and traditional Capes inspire the design of a Harpswell home

The home is located on Middle Bay in Harpswell. The homeowners' grandchildren like to catch crabs and go swimming at the end of the dock, which stores kayaks in the summer.

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Garden by the Sea

FEATURE - June 2014
By Debra Spark | Photography Jeff Roberts

A decades-long love story featuring two painters and a dream landscape

A potting shed, which Carlton helped build. The sun-dappled plants in the foreground are mayapples. Behind, one can see Jack-in-the-pupits, day lilies, and a bottlebrush bush.


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It Takes an Island

FEATURE - May 2014
By Rebecca Falzano | Photography Irvin Serrano

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In the case of Jim Greenwell and Emily Magal’s Peaks Island home, it took a village—practically the whole island—to turn a local landmark into a home.


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A Place for Everything


FEATURE - June 2014
By Sarah Stebbins | Photography Francois Gage

A historic, midcoast home, reimagined for a couple and their collections

Working with architects Stephen and Justin Smith, the homeowners transformed their once-nondescript home, now with stately Federal-style details, including a widow's walk, paneled shutters with scrolled iron hardware, and a vestibule flanked by mirrored hand-forged iron lanterns that mimic candlelight.

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Honoring Architecture

FEATURE - June 2014
By Rebecca Falzano

The winners of the 2014 AIA Maine Design Awards

Photography by Trent Bell

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