Poetics: A Confluence of Art and Poetry

SHOWCASE - July 2014

A pop-up exhibition by Mary Barnes explores the coming together of visual art and poetic expression

13 Ways I

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The Collectors & The Pavillion

SHOWCASE - April 2014

Peter and Paula Lunder build a legacy of art at Colby

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A Singularity of Place

SHOWCASE - March 2014

The Maine Museum of Photographic Arts presents work by Jeffery Becton

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Images of Change

SHOWCASE - January 2014

A photography exhibition from Greater Portland Landmarks showcases Portland’s cityscape since 1960

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Turning 20

SHOWCASE - December 2013
Photography Kelsey Floyd

An exhibition at Messler Gallery celebrates the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship’s 20th anniversary

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Transforming Secret Cove

SHOWCASE - October 2013
by Rebecca Falzano | Photography Irvin Serrano

The goal of the cove-side landscaping by Chuck Hugo and Maya Travaglia of Charles C. Hugo Landscape Design was to enhance the home’s existing gardens through intentional bed maintenance and to provide some playful surprises. The property is very densely planted with walkways throughout, so the landscape designers had to consider the flow of traffic while working with the existing materials.

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