The Canvas

A Romantic Nature

THE CANVAS - September 2014
By Jamie Thompson 

Outlook, 2012, digital photograph printed on cotton rag paper, 17” x 22”

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At Water's Edge

THE CANVAS - August 2014
By Jamie Thompson

Aeropesca, 2013, oil on linen, 14” x 11”

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Ultra Realism

THE CANVAS - July 2014
By Jamie Thompson

Anchor Stone, 2002, watercolor, 21" x 28". Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heart


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Light and Landscape

THE CANVAS - June 2014
By Jamie Thompson 

The Maine landscape has a special quality of light that has enchanted—and frustrated—countless artists. In finding beauty and inspiration in Maine’s atmospheric changes, they also strive to capture that which is fleeting and elusive. Painters Abbie Williams, Gary Akers, and Stephen Hodecker all find that magical light and render it with a featherlight touch.

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Shipwrecked, Overlooked & Obsolete

THE CANVAS - March 2014
By Britta Konau


Porthole, 2013 (from the series Sunk), digital inkjet photograph, 15” x 15”

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Natural Abstraction

THE CANVAS - February 2014
By Britta Konau

Nancy Desmond Brown

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